Christopher and Kelly Nejedly

  Our journey starts like a lot of others, a bad experience with a home inspector.  When we purchased a home in 2010, we were excited.  We couldn't wait to enjoy the place that we were going to raise our children.  It wasn't until after we closed on this home that we found out our electric panel was dangerous.

  Not only was it known to be dangerous, most insurance companies wouldn't even cover it. So with that came quite a few other issues.  We had to pay more for insurance, raising our monthly payment.  It also cost us $1000 just to have the electric panel replaced so that we would not be passing this issue on to the next owner when our house was sold.

  There were a quite a few other blatant issues that we were not aware of, all of these issues we later found out were part of the SOP (standards of practice) of the home inspector.  So with this I made it my mission to get educated on home inspections and get certified.  My goal is to properly inform a client on the current condition of the home and to make them aware of any issues within the SOP that could possibly cause headaches and heartaches later on down the road.

  I invite the client to join me during every inspection to field any questions, concerns, and point out areas that may be an issue.  The home buying process is emotional, I would just like to take a little stress off your shoulders.

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